About me

Experienced digital manager now specializing in digital humanities, manuscripts, rare editions and film history. Seamlessly integrating historical treasures with modern innovations.

In my role at the intersection of digital humanities and rare books, I'm a hybrid professional in history, ancient texts and modern technology. My work would serve as a critical bridge between the past and the present in any cultural institution. Essentially, I may amplify the impact of historical documents, contributing to both academic discourse and broader cultural understanding.

What I'm doing

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    My work can involve digitizing manuscripts and rare books, making them both preserved and accessible in today's digital landscape.

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    I'm skilled in cataloging and annotating historical texts and documents, making them easily searchable. I also know my way around state-of-the-art databases that use high-res imaging and detailed metadata.

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    Market Research

    I can help with comprehensive market analyses to gauge the demand and valuation trajectory for rare books and manuscripts. This involves a synthesis of historical auction data, current market conditions, and collector interests to strategize effective placement in upcoming auctions.

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    Preliminary Evaluation

    Upon acquisition, I can perform an initial assessment of a manuscript or book, scrutinizing its provenance, physical condition, and bibliographic attributes from open sources. This evaluation serves as the foundation for further in-depth research and analysis, setting the stage for its eventual cataloging and valuation.

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    I've translated some correspondence between notable figures from the Russian Empire and the USSR into French.

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    Website development

    I can create and maintain a website for a bookshop or special digital project.



  1. University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France

    2022 — 2024

    Master in Rare Book and Digital Humanities

    Master’s thesis: «From Parchment to Screen: An Analysis of Medieval Aesthetics in Opening Sequence»

  2. National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

    2010 — 2016

    Bachelor and Master in History


  1. Intern

    BibLibre, Marseille, France

    February — July 2024
    1. Spearheaded the creation of Omekalia, a suite of five commercial websites (web archive, virtual museum, academic papers database, media collection, online library), showcasing Omeka S capabilities for cultural institutions.
    2. Curated and integrated content from open sources, ensuring high-quality implementation for each site.
    3. Worked in collaboration with developers to resolve technical issues, and with the commercial department to research customer needs.
  2. Intern

    Les Archives de la Biennale de Paris, Paris, France

    April — August 2023
    1. Developed and implemented multiple layouts for the main pages of the Archive’s website.
    2. Built from scratch and deployed a search engine to search through 2,000 published articles.
    3. Classified the articles by assigning them categories and tags according to their content.
    4. Optimized the website loading speed for the better user experience.
  3. Translator

    Mme. Lalin-Leprevost, a manuscript expert and evaluator, Paris, France

    July 2023
    1. Translated from Russian into French and summarized correspondence of Eugène De Robertis, a Russian philosopher, representative of positivism, sociologist and economist.
    2. Translated from Russian into French and summarized a letter from Dmitri Shostakovich, Soviet composer and pianist.
  4. Digital Marketing Manager

    BBDO, Media Direction Group, Moscow, Russia

    2016 — 2023
    1. Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including major automotive and FMCG brands, to design and implement country-level digital storytelling projects that translate traditional narratives into accessible, interactive experiences.
    2. Crafted compelling narratives and visual elements for major brands, curated and interpreted content to create engaging digital narratives.
    3. Expertly managed communication between diverse stakeholders including brand teams and contractors.
  5. Intern at archives and museums

    Department of Manuscripts at the Russian State Library; State Archive of the Russian Federation; State Historical Museum; Moscow, Russia

    June — August, 2012 — 2016
    1. Studied, structured and analyzed sources of personal origin including diaries, memoirs, and letters from the 18th–19th century.
    2. Cataloged and managed collections of official documents from World War II including records relating to personal participation in the events.
    3. Supported documentation and digitisation of the exhibitions catalogs.

My skills

  • Languages:

    Russian (Native), English (Fluent), French (Intermediate), Ukranian, Ancient Greek, Latin

  • Data:

    XHTML, Heurist, Jupyter Notebook, TEI, JSON

  • Publishing:

    Scribus, Sigil, Adobe Creative Suite

  • Design:


  • Web development:

    WordPress, Omeka, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript

  • Hobby:

    DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, p5 library, Tree.js library